Best Bills Reward Credit Cards

The bills category includes things like phone bills, utility bills, and other bills. Not every card covers all bill types.

All Bills Reward Credit Cards

Card NameBills Reward Rate (%/Points)Approximate Cent-per-point ValueCard Summary
Capital One Savor1%1.7Best for massive dining and entertainment spenders.
Capital One SavorOne1%1.73% back in a broad number of categories.
Chase Sapphire Preferred1.1X2The CSP is great for restaurants and okay for travel.
Chase Sapphire Reserve1X2The CSR is best for frequent travelers willing to use a travel portal.
Citi Custom Cash1%15% back in your top of pre-selected categories, for up to $500 in purchases per month. Quite versatile.
Wells Fargo Autograph Journey1X1A good mid-range credit card.
Wells Fargo Autograph1X13X back in a broad number of categories.