Citi is best known for its simple credit cards, which makes it easy for credit card newcomers to earn excellent rewards. With additional transfer partner effort, Citi cards can offer additional values. However, make sure to avoid common points redemption pitfalls.

All Citi Cards

Card NameAnnual FeeApproximate Current Sign Up Bonus ValueCard Summary
Citi Custom Cash$0$2005% back in your top of pre-selected categories, for up to $500 in purchases per month. Quite versatile.
Citi Double Cash$0$0Perhaps the best-known flat 2% back credit card. Easy with few perks.

ThankYou Reward Points

Citi’s points are called ThankYou Rewards. ThankYou rewards are typically worth $0.01, but they can be worth less if you are not careful, or they can be worth more with careful planning. We value Citi points at $0.01 since most people use Citi points like this, but it’s possible to earn far more than this.