Best No-Category Reward Credit Cards

All No-Category Reward Credit Cards

Card NameBase Reward Rate (%/Points)Approximate Cent-per-point ValueCard Summary
Capital One Savor1%1.7Best for massive dining and entertainment spenders.
Capital One SavorOne1%1.73% back in a broad number of categories.
Chase Sapphire Preferred1.1X2The CSP is great for restaurants and okay for travel.
Chase Sapphire Reserve1X2The CSR is best for frequent travelers willing to use a travel portal.
Citi Custom Cash1%15% back in your top of pre-selected categories, for up to $500 in purchases per month. Quite versatile.
Citi Double Cash2%Perhaps the best-known flat 2% back credit card. Easy with few perks.
Wells Fargo Autograph Journey1X1A good mid-range credit card.
Wells Fargo Autograph1X13X back in a broad number of categories.